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Now, there’s a new, easy way to experience superior garden landscaping in Moreno Valley. Have a look around our intuitive, user-friendly website to find the services you are in need of, whether it’s designing and installing a whole new landscape or repairing/upgrading a sprinkler system. When our experts create a new landscape, they work in many specialty styles, including rock gardens, native gardens, tropical gardens and Victorian gardens, and are even available for emergency calls if you experience an urgent problem with your irrigation, water main or yard drainage.

This is the complete lawn care package Moreno Valley has been waiting for!

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About Us...

More than just beautiful, your landscape is an expression of you – more succinctly, your unique style and taste. Your landscape also needs to provide the comfort, serenity and curb appeal you’re looking for, and with the help of Moreno Valley landscaping, it can.

Whether you just moved in to your home or have lived there for years, our landscaper team can work with you to provide the stunning exterior space you’ve always dreamt of. Full 3D design, fast and efficient installation, regular upkeep and maintenance – when you choose Moreno Valley landscaping, you get the full landscape package, guaranteed. We are knowledgeable in the best flora and plants for the Moreno Valley climate, and we’re always searching for the right materials and prices to provide you with the top-quality service you deserve.

From simple cleanups and ongoing maintenance work to complete outdoor overhauls and new feature installations, we boast the skills, knowhow and resources to deliver the look, feel and function you want for your cherished lawn, garden and landscape – every time.

Our services:

From residential and commercial landscaping services to artificial grass for your property, no one does it like us. Stop worrying about your landscape and let our experts take care of it, whether it’s landscape design, installation or maintenance services.

Enhancing your property’s curb appeal has never been like this. We are a licensed, bonded and insured California business ready to take your dreams of the ultimate land and hardscapes to the next level.

1. Landscape Design and Maintenance Services

Since our inception, Moreno Valley landscaping has been offering professional landscape design, installation and maintenance services to our neighbors, our team of landscape design professionals available to craft and cultivate a custom landscape for every home.



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2. Sod and Artificial Grass Installation Services

Just because Moreno Valley landscaping offers premier lawn care services doesn’t mean this only applies to natural landscapes. Our friendly professionals can install artificial turf for your home and provide the minimal maintenance it demands to ensure the beauty of your property.


3. Decorative Patios and Walkways Services

Jaw-dropping exterior home improvements can be achieved with decorative patios and walkways. Concrete surfaces such as driveways, patios, walkways, sidewalks and pool decks can all boast a new look with decorative concrete – otherwise known as stamped concrete. Our masonry concrete designers will help you create a unique front or back yard patio, dramatic walkway or anything else you can dream of.


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4. Irrigation and Sprinkler Services

Use water wisely with the help of our sprinkler system services – perfect for the California environment that requires top-quality irrigation to combat the sometimes brutally arid conditions. After all, water is a precious resource, and we can help you make sure you do not lose a drop. Let us provide you with high-performance equipment and efficient services for lawn irrigation installation.


5. Tree and Shrub Installation Services

Imagine even the most beautiful of landscape design without trees, shrubs and perennial plants…it would be pretty boring, wouldn’t it? Landscape plantings bring a landscape to vivid life, allowing the owner to highlight specific features or areas of a property. With our extensive experience in selecting the right plants for the Moreno Valley climate and access to the best nurseries in the region, we can help you select the finest trees, shrubs and perennial plants for your unique design.


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6. Masonry Services

Moreno Valley landscaping provides structural and decorative masonry services for a range of projects, delivering quality workmanship and reliability at a reasonable cost. With a plethora of experience in landscaping construction, we ensure quality by rigorously training our team, overseeing all projects with hands-on daily site management and paying strict attention to detail and budgets.


Why choose Us?

Three words define the Moreno Valley landscaping experience: Craftsmanship. Experience. Imagination.

From our expert craftsmanship to our proven process, we are undeniably good at what we do. But that’s not what truly sets us apart – when you get to an expert level in the landscaping industry, it is easy to get comfortable, but we see every project as a blank canvas. Yes, we still use our experience and knowledge to guide us, but we first and foremost start every project by listening to our clients and then identifying the space’s unique opportunities.

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