Sod and Artificial Grass Installation Services:

Just because Moreno Valley landscaping offers premier lawn care services doesn’t mean this only applies to natural landscapes. Our friendly professionals can install artificial turf for your home and provide the minimal maintenance it demands to ensure the beauty of your property.

By installing residential artificial grass, you will experience:

• Water savings
• Maintenance reduction
• Loss of mud and puddles in your yard
• No more pests eating your grass

Our techs will discuss the following with you:

Is Sod Right for You? Whether you establish your new artificial lawn from sod or seed, all the personal and environmental benefits that natural lawns offer can be yours. With sod, a sod farmer does the growing for you; harvested sod consists of mature grass and a soil layer, held together by netting or severed grass roots. It’s sold in rug-like rolls ready to be unfurled and comes with a unique set of pros and cons that need to be considered.

The advantages of sod include instant results, fast establishment, immediate erosion control, timing flexibility, limited weeds and quick traffic turnaround. Some disadvantages can come in the form of high initial cost, high labor expense, restricted grass choices, different growing conditions and short transplanting window.

What is Artificial Grass? Often referred to as fake grass or artificial turf, artificial lawn grass is constructed of synthetic fibers that are devised to mimic the feel and appearance of a natural lawn. Though artificial turf has been used in sports fields for years, it is becoming more common in residential applications; in fact, newer artificial grass is manufactured specifically to look and feel much like its natural counterpart.

If you are thinking about installing an artificial lawn, our expert representatives can speak with you about the pros and cons associated with artificial grass. Some of those pros include availability in a variety of colors, styles and heights so you can choose the artificial grass that looks most natural in your environment; no watering; no need for fertilizer, which means no toxic chemicals seeping into the groundwater; and no need for mowing. Cons include higher cost; a sometimes unpleasant rubbery odor on hot days; dust and leaves buildup; and unknown impact on earthworms, insects or soil microbes.

Installation We have been Moreno Valley’s trusted artificial grass installer for quite a while now, having helped hundreds of residential and commercial clients transform their landscapes with the most technologically-advanced artificial grass products on the market. In addition to the inherent time, water and cost-saving benefits of artificial grass, our customers enjoy the peace of mind knowing an expert team will guide them through the process of choosing and installing the appropriate system for their needs.

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