Landscape Design and Maintenance Services:

Since our inception, Moreno Valley landscaping has been offering professional landscape design, installation and maintenance services to our neighbors, our team of landscape design professionals available to craft and cultivate a custom landscape for every home.

Some of the aspects we specialize in include:

Plant Form and Texture Form is the three-dimensional shape of a plant or a plant mass, and overall form is more or less relevant depending on the viewing perspective; our experts take into consideration how the form of a tree can appear quite different when the viewer is standing under the canopy compared to when he or she is standing in an open field.

Texture refers to how coarse or fine the overall surface and individual leaves of the plant feel or look (perceived visual texture); like they do with form, our experts consider how a variety of textures provide interest and contrast in the landscape. Texture can be found in the foliage, flowers, blades and bark of the plant, as well as in the plant’s overall branching pattern.

Balance and Proportion Everything that is placed in a landscape design will carry a certain “visual weight” with it, and balance describes the concept of ensuring this weight feels even throughout the plan. A plan with formal balance will have both sides mirroring each other, while informal balance will have both sides being equal but not quite matching.

The size of the components in a landscape is known as scale, and how they relate to each other is referred to as proportion. The size of your landscape and the items in it should all exhibit a sense of balance; a wall or tree that is significantly larger than everything else will draw the eye away from the rest of the garden.

Our designers ensure all of this is taken into consideration when planning your landscape.

Lawn Care Mowing, fertilization, bush trimming…we do it all. Moreno Valley was once nothing more than a dot on the map amongst other California cities, but it has grown tremendously since its founding, and has become a great city to plant roots – no pun intended – thanks to its many affordable housing options, great schools, parks and overall hospitable community. The only thing stopping you from having an amazing weekend in Moreno Valley is your lawn.

If you need a service to take care of it so that it looks lush and green all the time, you won’t have to look too far because Moreno Valley landscaping is here.

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